µBlock now available for Safari! via /r/apple

µBlock now available for Safari!

Disclaimer: I'm the maintainer of the Safari version.

µBlock is a lightweight, efficient, and fast blocker extension. It's built to be lean and performant.

You can use it instead of AdBlock, ABP, etc. — it comes with a bunch of built-in lists for blocking ads and more:

  • Various tracking requests/privacy-invading background requests (analytics et. al)
  • Popups
  • Phishing/spam/etc.

It actually supports the AdBlockPlus filter syntax and includes the ABP filter list, so the ad blocking should be as good or better — and it extends the syntax for even more flexibility.

Overall, µBlock reduces the number of irrelevant crap that gets loaded on webpages; it's so efficient, it actually makes pages' content load quicker and reduces the memory footprint required by those pages.

See http://ift.tt/1qB2Hoq (the Installation section).

Let me know if there appear to be problems with the Safari version. :)

Submitted January 16, 2015 at 10:46PM by chrisfully
via reddit http://ift.tt/1AqIrIw