These 3 Laws Could Reduce Gun Death by 90%

In the wake of the Orlando night club mass shooting, I wanted to post a link, that sadly, I’ve already posted before this year. In fact, I only posted this exact link 3 months ago, but I think it bears a repeat:

In the end, the study found that the most effective way to lower the rate of firearm deaths in the US was to focus on implementing the best legislation, which were the laws most strongly associated with reduced gun deaths, namely universal background checks for firearm and ammunition purchase as well as identification requirements for guns.

Nobody wants to take your guns away. Nobody is tearing up the 2nd Amendment. We are just asking that death machines be regulated.

We have a law requiring drivers to wear seatbelts. Most agree this is a positive regulation.

The government knows how much pseudoephedrine I own. Many agree this is a positive regulation

Can we please regulate who can own assault riffles and buy ammunition for them?