Hilma af Klint Show  is the Guggenheim’s Most-Visited Exhibition Ever


Af Klint’s lush, cryptic paintings have been almost universally praised by critics as a breath of fresh air. And, at a time when personal narrative is more important than ever in terms of how audiences engage with art, she also has a compelling biography (though the timeline of her life is, in truth, still filled with enigmas). Born in 1862, af Klint turned to spiritualism after the loss of her sister. Working with a group of women called the Five, she committed herself in near-secret to an epic cycle of mediumistically inspired abstract paintings—only to be nearly forgotten and then discovered by a new generation.

Source: Here’s How the Hilma af Klint Show Played Perfectly Into the Current Zeitgeist to Become the Guggenheim’s Most-Visited Exhibition Ever | artnet News

Loved by museumgoers and critics alike, the popular exhibition has drawn 600,000 to the Guggenheim since it opened on October 12. More than 30,000 catalogues for the exhibition were sold, surpassing the last record set by a Kandinsky catalogue in 2009

Source: Hilma af Klint Breaks Records at the Guggenheim Museum

Those were the words of profession art writers and critics, here are my own:

The reason this exhibit is so well visited is simple: It is phenomenal work, so far ahead of its time unseen and unknown by most until this year. I had the pleasure of visiting the museum earlier this year, and if you are in New York and have the means to do so, I highly encourage you to brave the crowds and see these works.

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