Apple looks to switch Mac architecture to ARM.

Ars Technica:

sources close to Apple who say that Apple is on track to introduce Macs running Apple-made CPUs and GPUs in 2021. The chips the company is developing are codenamed Kalamata.

The fact that Apple is developing multiple Mac chips may be a clue that Apple may not just be thinking about a single new Mac laptop based on in-house silicon but an entire line. It’s not clear from this whether these will be additive to the current, Intel-based lineup or whether Apple will began replacing Macs in its current lineup with computers built with these chips in mind.

While this would be a scary transition for those deeply familiar with with the Mac platform, especially developers, I am very excited by the idea of Apple managing their own chips with their state of the art chip design.

The speed of the the iPhone is much faster than the fastest Mac in their lineup for single core performance. Yes, the $1,000 iPhone 11 Pro is faster than the $50,000 Mac Pro.

I welcome this transition.