Another new year…

2022 is here, and I think we can all agree a change of pace is needed from the last two years. The pandemic has been exhausting, especially for healthcare workers, parents, and educators.

New Year’s Eve was fun in the Tracy house. We travelled to the lake to get a change of scenery. The lake provides quiet solitude; a place to operate at a slower pace. It provides more opportunity to just look and take in the environment. I saw so many stars last night!

As soon as I got there, I had to do the yard. We haven’t been up to the place in a few months and leaves completely covered the lawn. I was able to use the mower to get rid of most of them, finish them off with the blower. (It’s electric, I have a huge distaste for the volume of gas powered blowers) While finishing it off, I found a tiny snake. Not sure what type it is, but I took a picture

Here he is, not more than 7” in length

We told Thomas he could stay up to ring in the new year, around 8:00pm we realized this was a mistake. We were so tired from being with him and being up all day that it wasn’t a given we were even going to make it to 10:00 before falling asleep. Parenthood y’all, it’s absolutely exhausting!

The neighbors did fireworks a little after 8 that night. It was fun to watch Thomas enjoy as the colors exploded overhead.

Here is an incredibly terrible picture of some of the fireworks. They were much MUCH better than my one picture I thought to take can show.

After the fireworks I got a fire started with the idea that it would help propel us to midnight. Thomas was beginning to realize how late midnight was and decided he was fine with doing his “New Year Countdown” at 10:00pm. Thank Goodness!

I wish all who read this a happy and healthy 2022. Let’s hope this year allows us to see the light of the end of this pandemic.