No Connection

I spent the last 4 days without ANY connection to the Internet. I can’t remember the last time I had that much time away. It is kinda strange because I remember when having an Internet connection was a big deal, and a hard thing to come about; now it is nearly ubiquitous. 

No twitter or Instagram.

No blogs or podcasts.

No news or notifications.

The world I have lived in the last few days has actually been quit enice.

Aggressive driving

There was an old man driving in a white pickup truck behind me for the largest part of my drive down I-65 south today. He continued to ride my tail and get upset with me. Eventually, when I would need to pass somebody, and change into the left lane, (the lane he occupied constantly) he would turn his high beams on and speed up until he was only a few feet away from my bumper. He would then back away, then turn on his hazard lights. After a few more seconds he sped up again, and was riding my bumper.

As soon as I was able to get back into the right lane, he got next to me and just looked.

I don’t know why this has had such an affect on me, but I am still bothered by it. I would love to go and visit him to ask him why. I just want to know what was going through his mind.

HWB 11-16

This evening by the fire

Handwritten Blog

I just got locked out of Twitter for including @FBI

Super strange things, but my only clue is I replied to someone’s tweet and in the reply I included @FBI.

@Anti_USA_Dems @NBCNews I think you meant to at @FBI I’m pulling them into the loop for you.

This is the tweet that started the lockout

IMMEDIATELY after hitting send, my account was locked. Here is what twitter shows me:

After I clicked start, it showed me my phone number. I clicked submit for them to send me an SMS verification code, and immediately is gives me this error. Something is weird.

Hailmary by Aaron Rodgers

iPod Stopwatch ticks over from 9999hrs 59secs to 10000hrs. What will happen?

2011 Lake Martin Tornado Satellite Timelapse

Google released a new maps tool called Timelapse. This tool allows one to cover over 3 decades of change anywhere on earth. Naturally, I focused on areas I know. Lake Martin suffered from a strong tornado that touched down on April 27, 2011. The path was over 50 miles long and the tornado reached a max strength of EF-4 with estimated wind speed in excess of 170mph.

The tornado was so strong its path of destruction is clearly visible in the the timelapse I have included below. Seeing the path show up in satellite imagery brought a new understanding of just how powerful tornadoes can be, and also how long they take to recover from.

In the embedded data below, notice the pathway that immediately appears at the 2011 mark.

This is such an eye opening look at Forest ecology beneath the dirt. Must listen.

Radiolab: From Tree to Shining Tree