Just before the world changed

I bought the album Toxicity by System Of A Down the day it came out. I forgot how close to 9/11 it was; released exactly 1 week before the terrorist attack on the USA. 

I am not a huge metal fan. I do find some heavier music to be enjoyable. I loved System Of A Down’s previous self-titled release. The music spoke to me because it had humor and some catchy hooks, something most metal and other hard music lacks.

I was reunited with their music today while watching, of all things, a youtube review of the Microsoft Surface Studio 2. She played Prison Song in the video, but then I remembered songs like Chop Suey, Bounce, and Toxicity. Their breakout from that album, Aerials, stands out. It toned down their metal foundations and discovered a new sound. Harmony, something closer to pop rock, but still something edgier.