Expert level off-season speculation in /r/baseball today

Mike Trout was worth 9.8 fWAR for the Angels in 2018. He’s the standout star of a team that only won 80 games last year. In theory, if Mike Trout didn’t play for the Angels and was replaced with a replacement level outfielder worth 0 fWar, they’d only win 70 games.But what if Mike Trout could influence his teams’ performance in other ways?What if Mike Trout quit baseball to become the greatest meteorologist of all time?A meteorologist so talented that his weather predictions are always true… no matter when he makes them or how outlandish they may seem.In fact, had Mike Trout become this type of supernatural meteorologist, he would’ve been worth exactly as much to his team as he was when he finished the season with a 1.088 OPS and 39 home runs.

Is any of this necessary? No. Is this a complete and utter waste of your time? Possibly.

Source: Reddit /r/baseball